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Thursday, April 9, 2009

What a Day!!

Last night was a terrible night for me... why? and my wife fight on the phone about my ex fiance'... WTF.. my ex trying to get back what she's me... i done get her actually...she so cruel..even called my wife. Thank GOD that my wife still believe me..

Lately, my ex called me for 2 hours. She asked me about my wife. i've told her that my wife better than her. She so mad at me and straight away ring my wife. One of the question that came from my wife is " Do you have any affair with your ex?, if that so just let me and imelda go"... That's the question that i don't want to hear from my wife..

I try to defense myself but i can't.. i tried to ring my wife but no answer.. i couldn't get it why my ex still want me?..did i do something wrong then?. after i called my wife, my mum called. She said that my ex's parent are mad with me because this little bastard told them that me and her still in a relationship.Did i ?... that's the big question..

Day for me has ex rang me and she told me that she still love me and need me ... a double questions messy up my mind now... are my wife try to testing my loyalty or my ex try to create something that we call problem.