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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Drank in a pub on a saturday night
Me and the boys were feelin` alright
Then we walked the streets feelin` loads of pride
Proud with our roots and our way of lives...

Then stood some geezers tried to steal the night
Stared at us, tried to pick a fight
Me and the boys were waiting for the start
As we prepared for an aggro, oh! what a night....

That`s the story of how our lives go
We have been treated like a bunch of snucked up fools
Scorned by many, understood by few
There`s not much things left for us to do
Don`t wanna go back to dark days of mine
Where i`ve gone too far, i could`ve killed someone
But i don`t wanna sit down behaving like a cunt
While watching my mates doing the best they can