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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tears roll down my cheeks like morning dew.

During this peak hours, i miss my daughter very much...speechless but what can i do, she quite far from me...For the time being, just what i can do is seat in front of my balcony with my laptop doing my work....what a boring day...Money? That's also my problem rite now..i have to budget my expenses during this couple of day..i left MYR 30 in my pocket for 4 days...since i was 12 i can't control myself to spend money..but atleast i'll try... life is suck....

Story about me and my wife...hahaha...we are far rite now...i really miss my wife..everyday, every moment in my day are empty without her.. i'll try to keep busy but i can't....For my wife...i wrote poem for you

Thinking of you today what great joy you bring,

You're so beautiful like a fresh Tulip in spring.

Oh What warmth you bring my heart,

Miss you so much when we are apart.

I think of you every night and day,

Would like to be with you now if there was a way!

Oh how my heart aches when I cannot see you,

Tears roll down my cheeks like morning dew.

Winter has passed and spring has arrived,

Two months of your LOVE have I been deprived.

Missing your presence in every way,

I LOVE YOU so much what more can I say.

Though these days our eyes do not meet,

Thinking of you still makes my heart beat.

Far you may be like a lost fallen feather,

But close are our heats will always be together.